Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's Washington Post: Possible Clara Barton Museum Downtown

I wanted to make readers aware of this interesting story in today's Washington Post.  Clara Barton's former office and home, now owned by the U.S. Government, may be converted into a museum dedicated to Barton and her work.  The old building served as the headquarters for her Missing Soldiers Office after the war.  The National Museum of Civil War Medicine will host an open house at the site today. (I didn't see details of the open house, but the Museum's phone number is 301-695-1864.)

Clara Barton (courtesy of National Park Service)


Dick Stanley said...

Certainly would make sense. Surprised none such already has been done. Just tell them to go easy on use of Kunstler's Fredericksburg prettified print of her with its wrong i.d. of the Rebel captain:

Ron said...

Yes, it strikes me as a little odd that the site sat unused for quite a while. Then again, that is government efficiency for you!

You'll have to scan the gift shop to make sure they aren't promoiting that print.