Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back Online and a New Year's Resolution

I am finally back from an intense trip to Beijing, China for work.  Needless to say, not much time for blogging, as I had suspected.  In any event, I am glad to be back and am ready for an interesting year ahead as we commemorate all that happened in 1861.  Work contines to be busy, but I am determined to keep up posting twice weekly. 

As the new year gets underway, I have made the usual resolutions -- lose weight, exercise more, etc.  Of course, I may not have the willpower in 2011 any more than I did in 2010!  There is one resolution, however, that I am determined to keep -- to learn more about the Western and Trans-Mississippi Theaters of the war.  As an Easterner, and long-time resident of the DC area, I naturally have gravitated to the Eastern Theater.  Many of that theater's bloodiest battlefields took place right in my back yard for that matter!  To start the year right, I am going to read an overview book that I received for my birthday entitled, Decision in the Heartland.  After that, I will see where my interests lead me.  Because this blog has a decidedly Eastern and DC metro-area focus, I probably won't be posting too much here on the West and Trans-Mississippi.  But I look forward to expanding the scope of my Civil War studies and to sharing a thought from time to time.


Anonymous said...

I would also suggest Woodworth's "Nothing but Victory" also.

As I wrote a few months back, it's good to diversify. One advantage I have with a "weapons and tactics" focus is the option to discuss different theaters, in the context of that theme. But in the end, too many battles, places, and personalities to explore. Not enough time!

Ron Baumgarten said...


Thanks for the recommendation.

Your post definitely resonated with me. Readers can find it here:

I agree that there just isn't enough time! And the more I learn, the more I need to learn even more.