Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking the Plunge....Twitter

Okay, okay. So I resisted the pressure for a while now, but I have at long last decided to enter the world of Twitter.  The other day, one of my dear friends, and (non-Civil War) blogger, Todd, recommended that I extend my blog's presence to Twitter.  (Todd's excellent blog, Meat and Three Cafe, can be found here.)  Todd informed me that Twitter would really help me spread the word about my blog to those who are interested in the Civil War.  I have also seen others, including fellow bloggers and Civil War-focused organizations, who have decided to use Twitter as an additional way to reach out to the Civil War community and share ideas, observations, and information. you can see to the left, I have added a link to my new Twitter page (@CivilWarNOVA).  I hope you will follow my blog there, and that we can exchange tweets regarding topics of interest. I already have had an interesting back-and-forth with Robert from Cenantua's Blog about the SCC claims that I may never otherwise have had.  I am starting to see the value of this aspect of social media.  Of course, I view Twitter as a way to supplement and extend what I am doing here, but it will not be replacing the detailed content available on my blog.  Thanks again for reading, and I hope I will see you on Twitter too!


Richard said...

Well I'll see you there. I'm @captainrlm on twitter. I have my blog posts feed automatically but do not tweet a lot. Maybe that will change - but you may see some college sports related tweets from me as well as I only have 1 twitter account instead of having a separate Civil War one.

Ron Baumgarten said...

Richard--Just added you to the "following" list. I need to set up that automatic feed thing for my blog as well to save me the pain of doing it manually. I have the one Twitter acct for now, but maybe I will get a personal one at some pt too. Not sure how much I will post there, but I think it will be a good way to share little tidbits of info and thoughts from time to time.