Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Word from the Management: Blog Comments

A few people have informed me that my blog is not accepting comments properly.  I apologize if you've taken the time to type something and found that the comment function was not working. StatCounter also indicates that some comments may not have been accepted.  I enjoy receiving comments, and it is very unfortunate that the blog is not working properly.

In an effort to correct this issue, I have changed the comment format.  Now when you leave a comment, a pop-up window will appear, and you can type your comment on that page.  Hope this works!  (The Blogger Help directory indicates that this may be a fix.)  In addition, you can always cut and paste the comment and leave it on my Facebook fan page.



P.S. If anyone else has had a similar problem, please let me know how you fixed it.


Walk Forrest Walk said...

Hi Ron, It's record temp. for Mid-Mich. 93 yesterday/94 today. Last year we had zero 90 degree days. I like this comment format. Between my Irish History class and learning about the Civil War from you and your followers is making my retirement enjoyable. Thank-care Jim

Ron Baumgarten said...

Pretty hot here too. Glad you like the format for comments. The only drawback is that now I seem to be getting spam, but at least the filters catch that. Thanks for reading!