Friday, September 30, 2011

A Word from the Management: Some New Formatting and a Busy October

Here at All Not So Quiet Along the Potomac I try to stick to a schedule of two posts per week, or more if I am lucky.  This upcoming month promises to be a busy one for me on both the professional and family fronts.  I also need to work on another Civil War-related project that will take some of my limited free time in the evenings.  All this means that I will likely be posting with less frequency throughout the month of October.  Hopefully things will slow down just a little so that I can get back to a more normal schedule for November.

You may also have noticed that I've made a few relatively subtle changes to the blog. After each post, there is now a tool bar that will enable easier sharing with your friends, family, or colleagues.  I've also added a drop-down archive and have reorganized the order on the left-hand margin of the blog.  (Note too the Civil War Trust badge, which I've been meaning to install for a while now!)  You will see that the post field is a bit wider, so that the text is not scrunched into a narrow column.  The different width will also allow me to post larger sized pictures.  As always, I welcome feedback about the blog, whether content or format.

Thanks for reading!


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Sherman said...

Ron, since you review these comments first, I'll treat this as an e-mail and then you can just reject it.

All Not So Quiet indeed. Looking forward to when you do get a chance to post. If you want to collaborate at all this month, since it's a big month for the area around your hometown, let me know. Perhaps it would be more rewarding to tell part of the story deeply than have to rush through the whole thing. I was planning to liveblog Ball's Bluff, but other than that hadn't settled on much besides telling the ordeal of Baker and Stone, who I've been following off and on for awhile now.