Sunday, August 1, 2010

Salona Gets a Marker

While driving home from work last week along Rt. 123, I did a double-take.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that Fairfax County had erected a historical marker about Salona, site of Camp Griffin during the Civil War.  I have blogged about Camp Griffin and Salona on a couple of occasions.  (See here and here.)  And of course, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures early on Saturday morning when traffic was light:

Text of the Salona Marker (author's photo; now posted at

Looking towards the marker and Salona property across Rt. 123 (author's photo; now posted at

I submitted the marker for publication on the Historical Marker Database website and am happy to announce that it is now part of that on-line resource.  (See here.)  I also wrote to the Fairfax County History Commission to thank the county for erecting the Salona marker.  I expressed interest in having the county install a historical marker to commemorate the battles at Lewinsville.  Jack Hiller, the Chairman, sent me an application, which requires detailed historical information.  I hope to enlist community support in my campaign to get other Civil War-related markers installed in McLean.  In any event, it is great to see that Salona has finally gotten its due.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I might be able to help with documentation required for the Lewinsville marker project. That's been a research project of mine for some time now too!


Ron Baumgarten said...


That is excellent to hear! I am so surprised that a marker was never installed on the subject. I've just started to compile documentation, so it would be nice to compare notes. I am sure you've put together quite a bit.

We should definitely touch base off-line.